Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Questions and Answers

As I was looking through the statistics for this blog, checking to see how people were discovering it, I became increasingly aware of a need that webpages don't fill. There are so many "Little House" related questions that people are asking on search engines, and I read through some of these shaking my head, knowing that the answers to those questions were not found on this blog, and probably weren't found anywhere else online either. The people asking those questions were experiencing fruitless searches, and yet their questions aren't difficult to answer.

Questions like, "Did Laura Ingalls go to college?" (No), "Is there any film footage of Laura Ingalls Wilder?" (No), "Where is an interview with Laura Ingalls Wilder?" (on the Laura Speaks recording available from the Wilder Home in Mansfield or the Memorial Society in De Smet).

Then, I received a suggestion from a reader that "Little House" trivia (bits of information not known to the casual reader of the books, but that budding fans would find interesting) be made a part of the blog.

So I will combine those two thoughts together to add this new feature: the Questions and Answers series. If you have questions about anything related to Laura Ingalls Wilder or the "Little House" books, ask them here -- chances are, someone else out there is wondering the same thing. The questions, which I will answer to the best of my ability, will be posted on a regular basis, as long as the need exists and the questions are still coming.

Email your questions to frontiergirl@hotmail.com (you will not be identified when your question is posted).

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Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Hi there!

Thanks so much for this wonderful blog-I'm at the age where I'm rediscovering Laura and family with my girls. It's amazing to see how I've changed from "being" Laura to "being" Ma!
I love so much the domestic details of the books, and have incorporated so many things into my life.
I would love to see a book written about the homes the Ingalls lived in, with illustrations to depict the descriptions of the various household arrangements, like a cord bed, Almanzo's pantry cabinets, etc. Those are the things that I fantasize about!

Blessings to you,