Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Gift Idea for Little House fans

"It's been decades since Laura Ingalls Wilder penned her last book. Finally a new author has emerged whose book embodies all the love, charm, and graceful writing of the 'Little House' series."

So writes Kathleen Gray of the soon-to-be-released children's historical fiction novel, The Year of Plenty, written by Rebecca LeeAnne Brammer and published by Frontier Girl Press, a new publishing company owned by the founder of the Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frontier Girl website.

The Year of Plenty tells the story of a family living on an Eastern Kentucky farm on the brink of the Great Depression from the perspective of six-year-old Odella, the author's grandmother. This is the first book in a series which will follow Odella through her growing-up years during the Depression and into young womanhood in World War II. If you love the "Little House" books, you will surely enjoy The Newcombe Creek Chronicles.

Although the book is classified as a children's book, and is written for grade levels 3-6, we prefer to think of it as a family book -- one that will be enjoyed by all members of the family, of all ages.

More information is available at (select Books from the menu). The book will become available on next month, and is available for pre-order right now at the Frontier Girl Press website listed above. Take advantage of the Thanksgiving Day Sale to get your copy by Christmas at a discounted price. Autographed copies available upon request at no additional cost.

If money's a little tight this holiday season, don't let that deter you. Request the book at your local library -- most libraries are glad to purchase books requested by their patrons. (Information that may be needed: Title: The Year of Plenty. Author: Rebecca LeeAnne Brammer. ISBN: 978-1-936032-00-6. LOC Control Number: 2009940043.)

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