Saturday, February 7, 2009

Card Shower

One way to celebrate Laura's and Almanzo's birthday month is with a birthday card. No, you can't send a card to Laura and Almanzo, but here's a great card shower idea posted at Trundlebed Tales that we encourage everyone to participate in, if possible:

Card Shower for Burr Oak Museum:

The hotel in Burr Oak is one of only two structures still remaining where Laura lived during her childhood, the other one being the Surveyors House in De Smet, South Dakota. That's history worth preserving! Check out the link, participate as you are able, and please help spread the word!

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Rushd Lady said...

Now this sounds like something right up my alley as I like both cardmaking and history! I have written a 300 word biography about Laura on my history blog and have a Sunbonnet card I designed in honor of her! Too bad this notice is two years old!